American Food

What is American food? The common answer is hamburgers, hot dogs, and apple pie, but apple pie is European so that burgers and hot dogs are all we can offer? In Texas, they will fry anything, pour a little dough on it and throw it in a pot of fat, and any Texan will tell you that this is the best that they had. It’s easy to eat while walking and wrap it on paper, and a New Yorker will not make much difference if it was just a dough stick with a “red sauce”, if you sell it from a basket on the street for less than $ 5, they claim that no city on earth does it better! Put something in the tortilla, and the Californians will eat it, call it. Cajun and Louisiana will serve it with sweaty tea, pat the barbecue sauce and Tennessee declare that it originated in this condition; Does the US even have one universal food style, which we can call our own? In short, not really.

American food is basically divided by region, since the vote in the northeast is different from what the west is different from the south than the west coast, still slightly different from the southwest; from the sea to the shining sea, no one will give you an answer that is not very much in the state or at least on the time zone. We have southern food, which is certainly an American original, but it’s not the same in all the southern states. In Texas (which can be discussed either in the south or southwest) you have the original fajita in Kyle Texas and the barbecue highland on the hill, in Louisiana you get food from the Cajun, food for the soul and, in particular, in New Orleans, you are blessed with Creole. In Tennessee it’s pork from barbecue, in Virginia, it’s ham, in Georgia it’s cool … is there even one particular southern food? Sweat tea, of course, the country of gravy, maybe, but most southern states have a hard time agreeing that good, quality, American southern food. In the northeast, you have crab cakes from Maryland and clam chowder, in the middle of the west you have Chicago hot dogs and corn on the ear, in the northwest you get shellfish Washington, and in the southwest – green chili (chili ), so what is American food?

American food, like America, is as diverse and diverse as the streets of New York. We have all kinds of people and all kinds of food in the country, as big as the United States, with the freedom of choice that your president depends on what color brackets you want your food to be stuck in, the American to narrow down it and get people to agree on one particular type of food. Right there with free speech, we Americans are blessed with free press and freedom of choice in the region, the state or an individual, what kind of food we call ours. Although many simply say “fast food” as an immediate answer to such a question, I ask that it was not so. We are not just fast food, because the film assumes that we are not devoid of culture, and we are not all warring, and also obese people who are obese. We are a wide variety of things, complex and diverse, to narrow down into one classification. We are the contents of the melting pot, the image of the collage; we are the sponge; we are America, and almost nothing corresponds to us to all our neighbors, except for the freedoms that we share, even the products that we eat.




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